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Behind everything will do is a one-to-one relationship that has been fostered and actively maintained over a span of 10 years.
Delivering Medical 2 Months of Medical Supplies

Why Healthcare?

With the nearest hospital two hours away, the people of Pommerini need access to basic healthcare closer to home. The Africa Exchange Project found the Pommerini healthcare clinic lacking in every possible way. There was very few medical supplies or drugs and a just a few beds. As a result, woman in labor are two to a bed. The conditions were also not sanitary.

Our Progress

  • Raised $13,000 and completely refurbished the healthcare clinic. It now has tile surfaces and walls that are easy to keep clean and sterile as well as new windows.
  • Donated $16,000  in medical equipment
  • We have donated $800 worth of drugs and medical supplies to date. Drugs and supplies are less expensive in Africa than in the U.S. so our money goes far!

Why Education?

In this region, student to teacher ratios can be over 100 to 1 and six-to-eight children are asked to share a desk. Therefore, more classrooms, teachers, books and school supplies are needed. In addition, families the cost of school uniforms and tuition prevent many children from attending school at all.

 Our progress

The African Exchange Project has many ongoing educational initiatives.

  • Raised $10,000 to fund the expansion of the Masalali Primary School. The construction is complete and the size of the school has doubled.

  • Purchased 1,085 textbooks for the Pommerini Secondary School

  • Pay the annual salary of the Pommerini kindergarten teacher

  • Provided 6 year full scholarships to the Pommerini Secondary to two needy girls.

  • Raised $6,000 to fund the construction of a Pommerini Secondary School building. The walls are up and the roof is on. We are now raising money to finish the windows, door and ??

How You Can Help

  • Help us raise $5,000 to buy 1,000  more books.

  • Help us complete the Pomerini Secondary School building. Only need $4,000 more!

  •  Sponsor a scholarship to let more needy girls to attend school. Only $750 covers a whole year. A commitment of $4,500 can ensure she completes her secondary education!

Why Water?

In Pommerini, Tanzania, there was no access to safe water. Women and girls would spend most of their day retrieving water. As a result, girls do not have enough time to receive an education, and tragically, the water for which they work so hard carries diseases that can make everyone sick or in the cases of infants or elderly, they can die. Access to clean water means education, income and improved health.

Our Progress

The Africa Exchange Project has installed over 40 wells bringing easy access to fresh water to the village of Pommerini, Tanzania. Conditions have improved markedly due to the access to fresh water. The incidence of disease has dropped, and many more girls are attending school.

How To Help

Keeping the wells in good repair Is essential. Occasionally they can become plugged up with sand and debris. Donations allows us to flush the wells and keep the water flowing.