Covid-19 Relief Support

Africa Exchange Project has been helping the community of Pomerini to prepare themselves for the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they have currently have zero reported cases, there have been cases reported in the nearest town so

Unlike the United States, the people of Tanzania often live a day to day existence. To help fight food insecurity and to allow the village elders the opportunity to self quarantine, we had arranged for over 90 elders to receive rice and sugar. One of the recipients responded that this was the first time in 10 years that she was able to drink tea because she couldn’t afford sugar. The elders also received soap, mask and a bucket with a spigot for hand washing.

We have also helped equip the local health care center with personal protection equipment, soap and hand washing buckets. Dr. Moses, the primary physician, has been training the local villagers on proper hand washing techniques.

In the upcoming months, we anticipate the need with grow. Will you help us to be ready to come to their assistance.