Relationships are at the Heart of all we do!

Over 10 years of face-to-face meetings  has built long lasting relationships. Exchange is essential to our success. By visiting there and sponsoring villagers to here, we are better able to understand their needs & help them achieve their dreams.

Our Success Stories

Meet a Few Friends

Barnabas CHAVALA

Barnabas was one of the original choir members in 2008 and he visited again in 2014. Recently retired as superintendent of schools, he now works for the Pomerin Secondary School. He is a village elder, the unoffical ambassador and oversees the construction of most projects. 

Shadrack Nyaulingo

Shadrack is the headmaster at the Pomerin Secondary School. His goal is purchased enough books so that each student has their book and no longer have to share a single book between 8-10 other students.  Shadrack also envisions the construction of new science laboratories.