Clean Water = Life and Opportunity

Access to clean water has reduced childhood mortality rates. In addition, we found that young girls who would have spent all day carrying water were now able to attend school. Clean water truly has a trickle down effect!

CLEAN Water Saves Lives

Water is the world’s most precious resource. A community without a reliable source of clean water struggles to meet its most basic needs. Almost 8% of children never reach the age of 5 years old in rural communities. Water borne diseases account of a large percentage of these deaths.

Our Success Stories

CLOSE Water LEADs to Education

In rural Tanzania, carrying water is considered work for women and girls. Before the wells, women spent most their time collect and sterilizing water. After carrying water for up to 6 hours per day, girls must also collect fire wood in order to boil the water. When you are struggling daily with the most basic human need, there is little time for an education.  Locating wells closer to homes and school has made the dream of an education possible!

Our Success Stories

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