Science Center

Education is the key to improving living conditions. They are in desperate need for new science facilities so students can pursue careers in science.

Why a Science Center?

Passing the National Exams and have the proper facilities are required for student to enter the university level in science. The current facilities are woefully inadequate and cannot meet the minimum requirements. Students wishing to pursue science must leave the school and continue their secondary education elsewhere.

Our Progress in Pictures

Our shared vision

This is our most ambitious project yet!  We have started our 3rd year of a 5 year plan to create a science center with laboratory space for physics, chemistry agriculture and biology. With the roof completed, our next phase includes pouring flooring, installing windows and finishing the walls. 

Much work to be completed

To make a functional science lab requires plumbing, furniture, and equipment. We will continue to need your support move this project forward and to make this dream into a reality

Ways to help

We are more than halfway to reaching our goal.  Although the walls, floors  and roof are almost complete, we have much work to finish.


Typically, it cost $100 USD to buy and install a new window.


To run a proper chemistry and biology labs, water and gas pipes must installed.


Desks, tables and lab benches will be needed to outfit the classrooms. 


Science classrooms need specialized and sometimes expensive equipment to run labs.