Expenditures for 2020

AEP Expenditures 2020

How Your Giving Helps

While 2020 was a difficult year because of COVID-19, you, our generous donors have allowed us to continue making significant progress towards our goals of providing local services and aid that directly boost the local economy.

In fiscal year 2020, 96% of your contributions went directly to Pomerini.  The largest portion of your giving went to education, including funding for the new science center, renovation of dorms, textbooks and teacher salaries.  Healthcare, always important, became critical this year with funding for the dispensary and Covid-related expenses.  And finally, you also funded several Scholarships for Girls.

In addition, because we at The Africa Exchange Project continue to work hard to keep our administrative expenses low.  We are run by a 100% volunteer staff who cover most operational expenses. In fiscal year 2020, only 4% of donor contributions were used for operational expenses.