With the nearest hospital over two hours away, complicated deliveries lead to fatalities for mother and child. Without proper equipment and medicine, small health issues can quickly become life threatening problems.  More time away from work means more poverty and hunger.

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Why Health Care?

How close is your nearest emergency room? Your primary care physician? A pharmacy? The nearest hospital in Pomerini is two hours away. People depend on the local dispensary for their healthcare. Difficult labors often end with the death of the mother and/or the child on the road to the hospital. 

With limited resources and medical staff the dispensary cannot offer much.

Our Progress

  • $13,000 to tile surfaces, paint walls, and install windows. The space is brighter for patient visits and rooms can be more easily sterilized.
  • $16,000 for medical equipment such as a washing machine, equipment sterilizer, microscopes and centrifuge
  • $1,000 for medications and supplies.

How you Can HElp!

  • $100 replaces a broken window with a new window
  • $500 buys basic medical supplies for a month.
  • $1,000 provides a source oxygen for premature babies
  • Donate $500 or more to help us build new maternity and operating rooms!

Renovation Before and After Pictures

This is a picture of the laboratory before the renovation. Old, cracked vinyl surfaces create an unsanitary conditions. Lack of equipment prevent even the most basic tests.

This is a picture of the same counter after the new tiled surfaces were installed and one of the microscopes purchased. After we installed electrical line, a medical equipment sterilizer was also purchased for the clinic.