Our Work

The Africa Exchange Project provides access to clean water, quality education and reliable healthcare. We put our personal relationships with the leaders of Pomerini, Tanzania first. All projects are chosen and carried out by the people whose lives we are improving. Our presence there not only addresses critical needs, we also build the community as a whole. 

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Our work changes as the Need Changes

When we first arrived in Pomerini, access to close, clean water was the most critical need.  Childhood mortality rates were high.

Over 40 wells now cover the village and surrounding area. Cleaner water is closer so less time is needed to collect and boil water. Girls can attend school instead of collecting water.

Schools needed to be expanded and better equipped. Scholarships are offered for girls from financially needy families.

Basic health care is severely lacking. Dispensary lacks basic medical supplies and the means to create sterile environments. Better maternal  and child healthcare is desperately needed.