One Book Per Child!

We are raising $15,000 to provide every student at Pomerini Secondary School in Tanzania, with their own textbook. Right now, books are often shared by up to 10 students, making learning more difficult than it shoud be.

Access to Books

Secondary students are only allowed access to books inside the classroom and often must share 1 book among 8-10 students.   We have helped them purchase over 1,000 books. As a result, the school has seen rising test scores and higher test scores give access to higher education. Our goal is to have a textbook for every kid so they have access to the information to succeed.

Books Are Shared

Many books are available only during class time.

Access is Limited

Copies of some books are in the library but only available during certain hours

Too Many Student, Not Enough Books

Access to content knowledge is restricted to overcrowded classrooms. Having their own books results in large gains in learning.

Book Price is Low

Government-required textbooks are typically less than $7 per book. Less than $300 can buy books for a class.