Ways To Give

We have accomplished much to date, but we are not done yet! Below are some ways that you can give of your time, talents or financial support.


Mail a check to:

Africa Exchange Project
P.O. Box 345
Ashland, MA 01721


Make a donation online


Being aware is the step into becoming engaged. Help us spread the word by following us on Facebook and sharing our posts.


It's easy to start a personal fundraiser on Facebook.

Books for your birthday?
Life-long gift of education?

Challenge your friends to raise $$ to make a real change in the world!


Offer to donate your skills to the group. Are you an editor, writer, website or graphic designer, fundraiser, grant writer? We would love your help!

Send us an email at:    africaexchangeproject@gmail.com

By making a donation of any size, you will be helping Africa Exchange fund education, healthcare and clean water initiatives. Every dollar makes a difference! Here’s the tremendous impact of what your donations can do:

  • $5 buys a school book
  • $100 installs a new window to keep children dry in the rainy season
  • $500 supplies basic, life-saving medical supplies for a month
  • $750 allows a young girl to receive an education, room and board for an entire school year.
  • $1,000 provides the gift oxygen for premature babies