Medical Equipment for the Dispensary

We are raising $30,000 to provide medical equipment to the Dispensary in Pomerini, Tanzania, to improve pre-natal care and community access to healthcare, particularly for young women.

Healthcare is Life

We are focused on helping the most vulnerable: women and children.  Before our help, women in labor would often have to share a single unclean bed with one or two other women.  Today, the maternity area has several new, modern beds.

When we helped them finally get connected to the electric grid, we were able to help them purchase refrigerators to store medicines, sterilizers to clean equipment, and an oxygen concentrator to help premature babies.  With your help, our efforts continue to improve their lives.

Without proper equipment, child birth can be a dangerous time for women in Pomerini.  For women with labor complications, the two hours drive along a bumpy, dirt road to the nearest hospital can be a fatal journey for both mother and child.  By improving the local clinic some of these deaths can be avoided.
Women waiting for healthcare

Without Health Little Else Matters

We’ve been working hard to improve their local healthcare clinic. Without proper equipment and faculties, it is difficult to treat pregnant women, children and the elderly.  By renovating the clinic and equipping it, we have greatly improved the quality of care but we still have a long way to go!

Ways to help

Although we have equipped the clinic with new equipment, installed their first electrical connections, and renovated the space, their ability to serve their community is still woefully inadequate.   Prior to our help, women in labor would have to share a single bed with 1 or 2 other women.

Upgrade to Health Center

Our long term goal is to raise the level of the healthcare clinic to a heath center that provide more extensive services.  The ability to provide services local can save lives, especially for women with troubled labor.

New Equipment

With the new oxygen concentrator, the clinic is able to provide oxygen for premature babies and the elderly.  Although a single machine is unable to completely fulfill their needs, it is a step in the right direction.

This is just one example how are our help can dramatically improve their lives. The clinic does not have most other diagnostic tools such as an X-ray machine to help their patients.


Access to medicines and testing for common conditions such as diabetes, malaria, and high blood pressure can have a life saving effect.
Delivering medicine to the clinic