Secondary Education

The cornerstones of education are student access, quality instruction, and quality facilities.  The Africa Exchange Project is committed to build a strong foundation for learning.

Our Current Initiatives

Classrooms for Science Center

Work has been completed on the new science center. Four working laboratories covering Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Agriculture are now being actively used by students to pursue their dreams. Originally the project was planned to add only 3 labs and take 5 years. With your help, we were able to add an additional lab and complete the project a year earlier. Our next goal is to build new science classroom space to compliment the science lab and create a better learning environment.

Scholarships for Girls

Learn about how scholarships to 6 years of quality education can change the lives of deserving young women.

One Book per Child

Access to textbooks is an enormous hurdle to education. Textbooks are often shared among many students and access is limited to class time only. Getting a textbook in each child hand gives the student access to knowledge that they need to succeed. We're making progress but still need help!

Our Past Accomplishments

Educational Exchange

Spora Sanga (pictured) was the head of curriculum at the Secondary School. She and her colleague, Wingred, a science teacher, were sponsored by us to visit the US in 2019. Prior to their visits, the headmaster, Shadrack, of Pomerini Secondary School visited many US schools. They were able to observe many high school classrooms and discuss teaching strategies with faculty from local schools. Upon return to the village, Shadrack, Spora, and Wingred incorporated some of these new techniques into their curriculum.

COVID Response

During the Covid-19 crisis, the secondary school was closed and the teachers were without pay or health insurance. When you live on the edge of poverty, there is little ability to respond to a financial crisis.  We helped provide funds for food and medical insurance until the students returned.

Boy's Dormitory

Repairing a crumbling infrastructure and increasing ventilation was required to make the dilapidated boy's dormitory more habitable.

Administration Building

Needing more space for classrooms and a secure facility to store national exams, we help build a new administration building. This is one of the first buildings to have electricity and running water. It acts a beautiful new gateway for the campus.

Construction Pictures