Classrooms for the New Science Center

We are raising $50,000 to build five new classrooms at Pomerini Secondary School in Tanzania. The new classrooms will augment the laboratory-based courses now available at the newly completed science center.

New Classrooms Needed!

To support the education in our newly completed science center, we want to renovate the old science lab rooms and build new classrooms.  For full governmental certification of the science program, each lab must be accompanied by 2 up-to-date classrooms. To complete our next phase, we need your help to create 8 new classrooms.

Science Center is Finally Done!

The science center building was completed in December 2022. With a grant and generous donors, we were able to acquire the funds to build furniture and purchase the necessary lab equipment. Students are eagerly using the new facilities and the school has been given governmental approval to offer higher-level courses.  Believe it or not, the project was projected to take 5 years but was completed in 4 years.  

A group from the Africa Exchange Project traveled there for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in July 2023.

Why a Science Center?

Having the proper facilities are required to pass the national exam which allows students to enter universities. The current facilities are woefully inadequate and cannot meet the minimum requirements. Students pursuing science must leave school and continue their secondary education elsewhere.

Science Center Timeline in Pictures

The Old Facility