Early education is critical to the development of a child. In addition to funding the building, we financially support the staff and educational material.

Meet Ella

Two thirds of Tanzania’s population live in rural areas like the village of Pomerini. Most families are involved in subsistence farming and relatively poor, some living on as little as $1/day. The average age in Tanzania is 18 years and 32% of the population is under 9 years old. Early childhood education is poorly funded in Tanzania, limiting opportunities for children’s development, learning, and future life achievements. The Pomerini kindergarten was built as an early initiative of what was to become the Africa Exchange Project. We funded the training and certification and pay the salary for Ella, the head teacher. We also fund Ella’s teaching assistant, named Happy as well as purchase supplies such as pencils and notebooks.

Kindergarten Renovations

Building Renovation

The kindergarten was built by members of our group many years ago.  Recently, we paid for restoration of the windows, refinishing the floors, and providing other materials to create a better learning environment.

Kindergarteners with new supplies and toys

Playground Renovation

The relatives of one of our founding members, Bob Ahearn, raised the funds to provide the school's first playground equipment. To see true joy in motion, watch the short video clip below.

The Picture Gallery