Girls Scholarship Fund

For only $775 per year, you can provide a quality education, housing, food and health insurance for a school year.

Scholarships for Women

The cost of schools fees prevents many children from gaining an education. Most families will send their sons to school before they will send daughters. We have created a scholarship fund in the name of the late Barnabas Chavala. Barnabas was our close friend, teacher, mentor, and champion of the village who worked tirelessly to help raise the education for those who needed it the most and the quality of life of the entire village.

Barnabas Chavala Scholarship: Awarded to female students who cannot financially afford school. Recipients are guaranteed a 6-year scholarship for her complete secondary education. Currently, only $775/school year pays for room, board, tuition, and health insurance.

Exciting News!  One of our first graduating class did so well on her national exam that she has been able to secure entrance into the national university. Another student’s grade allowed her to transfer to a very selective high school on a scholarship. 

Recent Graduates


Earned scholarship to prestigious high school due to her exceptional test scores!


Graduated and attending university. Qualified for guaranteed bank loans due to her high test scores.

Current Scholarship Students