Primary School Renovations

We are raising $30,000 to renovate the primary school in Pomerini, Tanzania. We plan to improve the floors and walls of the school and provide desks, chairs, shelving and storage cupboards.

Desperately Needed Renovation

The walls, floor and furniture inside Pomerini Primary School are in desperate need of renovation. Dedicated teachers need your help to repair years of neglect.

Engera Teaches

Engera visited the US in 2015 and was able to observe many classrooms. In 2018, we were able to see her teach in Tanzania.

Dark Rooms and Rough Benches

This is a typical classroom. Poor light with desk made from rough lumber. Over crowded classrooms with limited supplies make learning difficult.

Eager to Learn

Despite the poor conditions, students are eager to learn.

Dedicated Teachers

Teachers continue to make the best use of what little they have. With our help, they can continue to lift up their community.

Building Classrooms

With more than 125 students per room, the Masalali primary school was inadequate to serve the children of the village. Only half the child could attend school at a time. With our funds and their sweat equity, we doubled the number of classrooms and helped the school qualify for more governmental aid. Partnering with the community creates sustainable change.