Care for the Elderly

Providing food and medical attention to the most underserved. Our eldercare program reaches into the heart of the village and brings relief and hope.

Food and Supplies

Tanzania, despite many natural resources, remains one of the poorest countries in Africa. Most families are involved in subsistence farming. The HIV-AIDS epidemic and most recently the COVID pandemic have made life increasingly difficult for the elderly and disadvantaged people in Pomerini. To address this need the Africa Exchange Project has provided funds to supply masks, salt, sugar, rice, flour, safe water buckets, and environmentally friendly cooking stoves to elders throughout the community. Students from the Secondary School helping alongside school staff gain vital experience in learning how to best serve the community and help those less fortunate. Thank you for your ongoing support of these life-changing and life-affirming relationships.

Medical Care

Many of the village elders have neither the ability to get to the health care facility nor the financial means to pay for medicines. By purchasing bicycles for the health care staff as well as the financial assistance to purchase medicine, the local doctor and his staff are now making home visits to provide much-needed medicines and to diagnose health issues before they become more serious. Last year, we provided direct aid to 176 elders ( 121 females & 55 males). With your help, we hope to make another lasting impact in 2024.

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