Class sizes of over 100, one book being shared by 10 students, and lack of funds to cover school fees are some of the barriers to an education and a brighter future.

Scholarships for Women

Cost of schools fees prevent many children from gaining an education. Most families will send their sons to school before they will send daughters. We have created a scholarship fund in the name of the late Barnabas Chavala. Barnabas was our close friend, teacher, mentor and champion of the village whose worked tirelessly to help raise the education for those who needed it the most and quality of life of the entire village.

Barnabas Chavala Scholarship: Awarded to female students who cannot financially afford school. Recipients are guaranteed a 6 yr scholarship for her complete secondary education. Currently, only $750/school year pays for room, board and tuition.

Exciting News!  We are adding 4 more students are being added for the upcoming school year for a total of 10!


I am 16 years of age, and a form three student  I like Arts subjects because I want to be a lawyer in order to help all who are been oppressed and treated against human right. I also like acting and watching movies.


I am 16 years of age and a a form two student.  I like science subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I like to play netball and playing with animals like dog and cat. I want to be a nurse. I love you so much my sponsors.


I am 17 years of age, and I am a form four student. I like so much science subjects because I want to be a doctor especially for women helping them to have a safe delivery. I like dancing and singing and my favorite artists are Nandy and Rubby all of them from Tanzania my home country.


I am 16 years of age,  and I am a form two student. I like studying Kiswahili, geography and English language. I like playing netball and I am a scout member here in our school. My dream is to be a teacher as I am inspired by my teachers here at school. I am thankful for supporting my studies.


I am 14 years of age and I am the second born in a family of six children. I am a form one student. I like science subjects because I want to be a doctor specializing in heart and lungs. I like playing netball. I am thankful for helping my mother to foot the school fees because she could not afford.


I am 14 years of age, and a form one student.  I like science subjects and according to my background I want to be a doctor and take care disabled children and those who are from humble background.

New Science Center

Learning science requires hands-on, laboratory-based opportunities for students at the secondary school level. Without proper laboratory facilities at the secondary school, students wanting to pursue scientific fields in college are unable to qualify. This requires that they change schools during their final 2 years.

The science center building was completed in December 2022. With a grant and generous donors, we were able to acquire the funds to build furniture and purchase the necessary lab equipment. Students are eagerly using the new facilities and the school has been given governmental approval to offer higher-level courses.  Believe it or not, the project was projected to take 5 years but was completed in 4 years.  

A group from the Africa Exchange Project traveled there for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in July 2023.

Meet Ella

Ella is a kindergarten teacher who provides critical early childhood education. We helped Ella to get training on early childhood education so she was better equipped to help her students. We also pay her annual salary so she many provide her students with a better education.

Access to Books

Secondary students are only allowed access to books inside the classroom and often must share 1 book among 8-10 students.   We have helped them purchase over 1,000 books. As a result, the school has seen rising test scores and higher test scores give access to higher education.

Classroom Construction

With more than 125 students per room, the Masalali primary school was inadequate to serve the children of the village. With our funds and their sweat equity, we doubled the number of classrooms and helped the school qualify for more governmental aid. Partnering with the community creates sustainable change.

Educational Exchange

Spora Sanga (pictured above) is the head of curriculum at the Secondary School. She and her colleague, Wingred, a science teacher, were sponsored by us to visit the US in 2019. They were able to observe many high school classrooms and discuss teaching strategies with faculty from local schools. Upon return to the village, Spora and Wingred incorporated some of these new techniques into their curriculum.

Kindergarten Renovation

The kindergarten was built by members of our group many years ago.  Recently, we paid for restoration of the windows, refinishing the floors, and providing other materials to create a better learning environment.

Responsive Support

During the Covid-19 crisis, the secondary school was closed and the teachers were without pay or health insurance. When you live on the edge of poverty, there is little ability to respond to a financial crisis.  We helped provide funds for food and medical insurance until the students returned.

Ways to help

A little money goes a long way in rural Tanzania. Your donation could help in the following ways:


Only $750 per school year can educate, feed and house a young women who would not have access to a good education.


The average price for a textbook is around $5! Without access to books, learning is extremely difficult. Although we have purchased more than 1,000 books, many more are needed.

Building a Science Center

The majority of the science center is completed. We are still seeking help to supply the laboratories with equipment and supplies.

Crisis Response

Without surplus funds for operating, you can help to address short term crises by providing funds to allow for limited classroom renovations or respond to emergencies.