Africa Exchange is dedicated to improving education by building classrooms & science labs, providing scholarships, and improving early childhood education. Read below about our current education initiatives.

Scholarships for Women

Learn about how scholarships to 6 years of quality education can change the lives of deserving young women.

Primary School

Learn more about our current initiative to repair floor and walls of the primary school as well as our past successful projects.


Learn more about our current initiative to provide a better education for kindergarten students.

Science Center

Learn about the completion of our most ambitious project to date: a science center with physics, chemistry, agriculture, and biology labs.  Learn about our current initiative to create and renovate classrooms to support the new science center.

One Book per Child

Learn more about initiative to get a textbook in every primary and secondary student's hand.

Secondary Education

Learn about how we constructed a new administration building and renovated the boy's dormitory.