Education is the Foundation of Change

Class sizes of over 100, no books or books being shared by 10 students, and lack of funds to cover school fees are some of the barriers to an education and a brighter future.

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Why Buildings and Books?

Some classrooms exceed over 100 students and have only 1 book for every 10 students.  Building more classrooms and providing more books reduces barriers to a brighter future.

Our Success Stories:

  • Doubled size of Masalali Primary School
  • Purchased 1,000 textbooks for the Pomerini Secondary School.
  • Completing last stages of Pommerini Secondary School building construction.

How you Can HElp!

  • $5 can purchase a single book.
  • $500 buys enough books for a class
  • $4,000 allows us to finish the secondary school building
  • Help us get started our next phase: Building new science labs

Why Girls' Scholarship Fund?

Cost of schools fees prevent many children from gaining an education. Most families will send their sons to school before they will send daughters.  

Barnabas Chavala Scholarship Fund: Awarded to female students who cannot financially afford school. Receipients are guaranteed a scholarship for her complete secondary education.

Our Success Stories:

  • Entering our second year of operation
  • Sponsoring 2 girls with 6-year scholarships for full tuition, room and board.

How you Can HElp!

  • $750 gives education and housing for the school year.
  • $4,200 guarantees a girl can complete her secondary education.
  • Help us expand our reach from 2 to 12 students per year.
  • Will you make a life changing commitment?

Why Support Teachers?

Hiring and training teachers is essential to a quality education. Early childhood education has a lasting impact.

Our Success Stories:

  • Paid for certification training for 2 kindergarten teachers
  • Sponsored kindergarten teacher's salary for the past 8 years.

How you Can HElp!

  • $600 can provide a teacher's salary for an entire year.