Building schools, buying books and providing scholarships to afford young girls an education.
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Covid-19 Response
Before Covid-19 arrived in the village, we provided soap, buckets, mask and food to keep the village elders safe. Click below to see a video.
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What we Do

The Africa Exchange Project provides access to clean water, quality education and reliable healthcare in Pomerini, Tanzania. 

Our primary work is building relationships. All projects are chosen and carried out by the people whose lives we are helping to improve. We have over a ten year history of successful projects. Your donations of funds, talents and/or time, dramatically change lives.

Science Center News

Progress continues on the new Science Center. After the roof was completed, the wall have been given a protective skim coating, door and window frames have been welded and installed, and they are finishing off the bases for the lab stations in all 4 classrooms.


Education is the foundation of making long lasting change. Learn about how we support local schools from kindergarten through secondary school. Training, building facilities, buying books and providing scholarships for girls are ways that help raise up the community.


Without access to adequate healthcare, the community suffers from easily preventable illnesses. We support the local healthcare clinic by upgrading the facilities, purchasing medical equipment and drugs, and support local hygiene educate efforts.

Clean Water

Helping provide access to clean water was the first way in which we helped the community. Easy access to clean water reduces illness & infant morality but also helps free up time so young girls may attend school.

Cultural Exchange

People and long-term relationships are at the heart of what we do. Our work is based on a relationship of mutual respect that has been built over a 20 year span. Our projects are based upon the needs of the community and not what we think that should want.

In addition to travel with groups to Tanzania, we also bring villagers to the US.